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BBC: Migrant crisis: The smugglers' route through Hungary 0 Verified

15:45 May 25, 2016

The migrant route across Hungary has reopened this year, as borders through the Balkans to Austria have become harder to cross. At least 12,000... More Information » « Less Information


DW: Germany set to pass first-ever bill to integrate refugees 0 Verified

15:42 May 25, 2016

Lawmakers have agreed on a draft law to assimilate asylum seekers into the country's culture and economy. While the state will provide aid,... More Information » « Less Information


Guardian: Turkey threatens to block EU migration deal without visa-free travel 0 Verified

14:55 May 24, 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has warned the European Union that Turkey would block laws related to the landmark deal to stem the flow of migrants to... More Information » « Less Information

Istanbul, Turkey

Reuters: EU says asylum-seeker's appeal shows deal to limit migration is legal 0 Verified

09:33 May 24, 2016

The European Union said on Monday a Syrian asylum seeker's successful appeal against deportation to Turkey proved the bloc's deal with Ankara... More Information » « Less Information


Euronews: Erdogan, Merkel agreed on need to keep migration deal on track 0 Verified

09:32 May 24, 2016

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Monday that Turkey needs talks with EU institutions on its sensitivities... More Information » « Less Information

Istanbul, Turkey

BBC: Greece begins moving migrants from Idomeni camp 0 Verified

09:28 May 24, 2016

Greece has begun evacuating thousands of stranded migrants from the makeshift Idomeni camp on its northern border with Macedonia. The operation... More Information » « Less Information

Idomeni, Greece

Guardian: UK's ‘chaotic system’ leaving refugees homeless, says charity 0 Verified

12:33 May 23, 2016

Up to 10,000 newly recognised refugees are being left at risk of becoming homeless and destitute each year because of the chaotic system of... More Information » « Less Information

United Kingdom

The Telegraph: Asylum seekers in Italy put to work teaching police officers English 0 Verified

12:24 May 22, 2016

Asylum seekers rescued off the coast of Sicily have been recruited to teach English to local police officers in one of the island's towns More Information » « Less Information

Sicily, Italy

Ekathimerini: Greece sends 51 migrants back to Turkey 0 Verified

12:31 May 20, 2016

Greece has sent 51 people, including five children, back to Turkey from Greek islands as part of the European Union-Turkey agreement to stem... More Information » « Less Information




Guardian: Refugees will repay EU spending almost twice over in five years - report 0 Verified

11:47 May 19, 2016

Investigation into impact of refugees in Europe finds rising public debt will be offset by a much greater rise in GDP More Information » « Less Information




Deutsche Welle: China and Germany top first Refugees Welcome Index 0 Verified

11:42 May 19, 2016

The Refugees Welcome Index is a first-of-its-kind survey of more than 27,000 people in 27 countries. Carried out in 2016 by the independent... More Information » « Less Information

United Kingdom

Guardian: Number of EU migrants working in UK rises to record level 0 Verified

11:37 May 18, 2016

The number of European Union migrants working in Britain has risen by 224,000 to a record 2.15 million over the past year, the latest official... More Information » « Less Information

United Kingdom

Guardian: Interpol: increased border protection forces migrants to use people smugglers 0 Verified

14:02 May 17, 2016

Deals such as EU-Turkey agreement in spotlight as report says 90% of irregular journeys to Europe facilitated by smugglers More Information » « Less Information


Balkan Insight: Police Arrests Migrants and Smugglers Across Bulgaria 0 Verified

09:37 May 13, 2016

Bulgarian police have detained 33 people for 24 hours in the operation, which is still ongoing in 11 cities and in border areas with Turkey... More Information » « Less Information


Relief Web: Pakistan Closes Main Border Crossing With Afghanistan 0 Verified

12:06 May 12, 2016

Pakistani authorities began fencing the northwestern Torkhum border crossing on Tuesday to “tighten controls” and deter illegal movement. But... More Information » « Less Information

Torkham, Pakistan

Bulgaria tо Return Migrants to Turkey from June 1 0 Verified

14:28 May 06, 2016

Bulgaria will be able to send back migrants who have crossed its border with Turkey illegally from June 1, according to the protocol signed... More Information » « Less Information

Sofia, Bulgaria/ Ankara, Turkey

Migrant crisis: EU Commission 'to back' Turkey visa deal 0 Verified

14:06 May 03, 2016

The European Commission will back visa-free travel for Turkish citizens inside Europe's passport-free Schengen area, sources have told the BBC.... More Information » « Less Information

Brussels, Belgium/ Ankara, Turkey

“We Knew They Had No Future in Kabul”: Why and How Afghan Families Decide to Leave 0 Verified

14:41 Apr 27, 2016

The increasing number of refugees and migrants arriving across Europe has led to heated debates and an increased political polarisation between... More Information » « Less Information

Kabul, Afghanistan

Balkan Border Closures Fuel Surge in People Smuggling 0 Verified

15:32 Apr 20, 2016

After the recent clampdown on migrants using the so-called 'Balkan route,' smugglers are finding new ways to bring refugees into Serbia and... More Information » « Less Information

Belgrade, Serbia/ Budapest, Hungary/ Vienna, Austria

Bosnian Diaspora Potential Not Fully Realized 0 Verified

15:18 Apr 19, 2016

"The diaspora is one of the key factor for the stability and economic development of Bosnia", said Damir Miljevic, a Bosnian economic expert,... More Information » « Less Information

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Creating prospects to provide viable options to flight and for returning to Afghanistan 0 Verified

08:26 Apr 15, 2016

With German assistance, measures will be carried out to further improve the prospects for the people living in Afghanistan and to provide greater... More Information » « Less Information

Kabul, Afghanistan

Turkey seeks readmission deals with Iraq, Iran 0 Verified

10:34 Apr 13, 2016

Neighboring Iran and Iraq are among the 14 countries with which Turkey has offered to sign readmission agreements in a move to enable Turkey... More Information » « Less Information

Ankara, Turkey/ Baghdad, Iraq/ Tehran, Iran

What ​will​ happen to migrants returned to Turkey? 0 Verified

14:38 Apr 12, 2016

Last Monday, 202 migrants were put on ferries from Greece and deported back to Turkey. As the first group to be returned under the EU’s migration... More Information » « Less Information

Ankara, Turkey/ Athen, Greece

Migrant crisis: Fear and desperation at Idomeni crossing 0 Verified

09:58 Apr 12, 2016

There are still more than 11,000 people desperate to get out of this dirty makeshift camp. There is still no sign of the border opening. And... More Information » « Less Information

Skopje, Macedonia/ Athen, Greece

Hundreds Hurt In Macedonian Border Clash 0 Verified

14:02 Apr 10, 2016

Migrants clashed with Macedonian police on April 10 after they were stopped from scaling a border fence between Macedonia and Greece. Reports... More Information » « Less Information

Skopje, Macedonia/ Athen, Greece

Bulgaria Awards Vigilante Migrant-Hunters 0 Verified

14:00 Apr 08, 2016

Bulgaria’s border police have given an award to a voluntary border patrol which detained 23 refugees near the country’s border with Turkey,... More Information » « Less Information

Sofia, Bulgaria

Erdogan Calls On EU To Deliver On Promises Under Migrant Deal 0 Verified

09:38 Apr 07, 2016

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will not implement a deal with the European Union on the return of migrants from... More Information » « Less Information

Ankara, Turkey

European Commission to unveil new EU asylum options 0 Verified

12:13 Apr 06, 2016

The European Commission is due to unveil options for reforms to the way EU countries handle asylum claims in response to the migrant crisis.... More Information » « Less Information

Brussels, Belgium

What became of 25 young Afghan deportees? 0 Verified

08:41 Apr 06, 2016

Young Afghans make up the second largest group of unaccompanied children who apply for asylum in the UK – 656 out of 3,043 asylum applications... More Information » « Less Information

London, United Kingdom/ Kabul, Afghanistan

766 illegal Afghan refugees arrested in Karachi in past 15 months: report 0 Verified

14:13 Apr 05, 2016

KARACHI: Police claim to have arrested 766 illegal Afghan refugees in districts central and west of Karachi during search operations carried... More Information » « Less Information

Karachi, Pakistan

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