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i-Map Profiles

About i-Map country profiles

The i-Map is a support instrument aiming to enhance and facilitate intergovernmental information exchange, and to support the development and implementation of knowledge-based co-operation initiatives. 

In order to elaborate knowledge-based approaches to migration, be this at policy level, strategic level, or through concrete actions, access to comprehensive and updated information is a prerequisite.

In line with their geographic/thematic specificities, profiles provide 1) a key source of information on actors, legislation, policies, initiatives, projects, cooperation efforts, data, and main challenges as identified by the respective country; and 2) act as a portal, as all information sources are hyperlinked, thus facilitating access to further reading, supporting the broad dissemination of existing information sources, and significantly decreasing time required to identify key sources.

Geographical coverage

The i-Map is a global concept which can be applied to any geographical areas in line with their regional specificities. Currently i-Map profiles and other outputs are being developed within the geographical regions covered by the following i-Map projects:


Thematic coverage

i-Map profile's thematic coverage varies according to the specificities of the regions covered and to the methodologies applied within the various i-Map project's frameworks.